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Endorsements and Testimonials
Since 1996, our unique team of performance-based business marketing consultants have served and represented Microsoft, Google, BMW, Herbalife International, Pepsi, ABC Cap Cities, Vista Prints, Nightigale-Conant, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We have provided professional marketing support to best-selling authors Mark Victor Hanson, Jack Canfield, Jay Conrad Levinson, and Judith Wright. And now, we are fully equipped and prepared to serve you!

 Endorsements & Testimonials

Tony discovered me in the Christian Authors Community on Google+ and saw where my ministry could go before I did. Believing in my ministry, he put me through the paces to help me see social media and the marketing through a completely new lens. He has opened up amazing new doors, such as radio and online media, expanding my audience overnight. He understands the perspective of building relationships, generously encourages and jumps right in with new product development ideas. God puts people in your path intentionally and Tony is one of these people. He is a thought leader, gracious entrepreneur and a good friend.

- Tim Young, Heartstone Journey,

Tony, when I met you I told you I was not a business woman and yet from the short time I’ve been working with you and listening to The Strategist Radio I would never say that again.

I have learned so much from your expertise in an extremely short period of time. You are an incredible teacher and the cutting edge, advanced knowledge you have in marketing mixed with your incredibly appealing communication skills and history with celebrities, sets you apart in your field.

I can’t wait to launch the website your firm has created for me. It has exceeded what I envisioned and we are still wrapping it up.

I highly recommend you and your peeps to anyone looking to in increase their market share. Whether your clients are like me who have been so immersed in the creative that marketing has felt overwhelming or someone who has a marketing plan but wants to see what your firm will do to exceed their expectations as you did mine I highly recommend investing in what you have to offer.

Thank you so much.

- Charlotte Cole, Charlotte's Heart,

Trinity Press does outstanding work! With a short deadline, they got my book designed, to press, and at my door by the date promised. Not only did they produce an excellent product, they were fun to work with. Huge kudos!

Thanks for getting my book to me so quickly! You promised me you would and you did. Awesome! I’m singing your praises to all my writer friends.

- Lyn Smith,,

Tony is a straight shooter, providing wisdom, and practical suggestions for those willing to hear it. His coaching helped me see I was wasting my time on non-essentials. With his help identifying my audience, flushing out my strategy and objectives, I was able to chart a new course for my ministry. Partnering with Trinity Web Works to combine multiple sites into one integrated, purposeful site was one of the best decisions I have made. It is a pleasure to working with Tony.

- Elizabeth Marks, Think On It Bible Ministries, Inc.,

It is my honor and privilege to recommend one of the most giving people in the business community. Tony is driven by compassion first and results not far behind that. He is an excellent communicator and knows how to get the job done for his clients. When I first started working with Tony I realized the potential of my business endeavors as more than just a business plan. With his support, guidance, and belief in the Power of One there are many success stories on the horizon for the company.

His ability to connect with industry leaders is an asset for all of his clients. Any entrepreneur, who really wants to see their company go from a new idea to reality, should pick up the phone and call Tony today. The way he approaches and analyzes market data for his clients is both reliable and realistic. In addition, the way that Tony prepares his clients for success for the short and long-term is impeccable. The talents are within us all and with Tony as your business consultant you will thank him later. His time is your time and if there is a way Tony will make it happen every single time!

- Michael Bluemling, Jr., Power of One, LLC.,

I first met Tony after passing by one of his client’s website.  After visiting with his client back and forth, I decided to contact him directly. Within 24 hours he emailed me back with a time we could talk via phone.  He gave me 30 minutes of his time (star 1). He was this deep radio voice, nice guy, who made sure I knew up front he didn’t want my pocketbook along with having the kindest things to say. So thus began the relationship of Becky Michel, Creative Expressions, and Tony Marino, Trinity Web Works.

I soon learned that Tony was not the normal (out for himself) business man we all know, and have had dealings with if we have been active in the business world for very long. We spoke on various occasions prior to me actually becoming a client (star 2). It really showed that he sincerely didn’t care about the money but about helping me get out of the mess I was in with another company. He even offered to make a call with me out of the kindness of his heart (star 3). He never pushed me one way or another to depart the company I was with or become a client. In fact he encouraged me to pray about it & discuss it with my husband until we were comfortable and whichever we chose was perfectly fine with him (star 4).

How many companies/people can you say that about? In my experiences…not many!

Tony’s team of experts ran with my book to reproduce it.  As the book process went underway I had very few changes and Tony was really excellent to work with to ensure I was happy with the final product (star 5). Web site production started, and I have worked with various web developers over the years. I found Tony & his team to be brilliant with web production.

Needless to say I was EXTREMELY happy with my final product which brings Tony up to a 6 star in my book!

We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with Tony and his firm.

- Becky Michel, Creative Expressions,

Tony Marino along with his collaborative Trinity marketing team’s creativity, determination, and business knowledge are a most powerful profit-building resource.

- Jordan Wexler, CEO,

Tony brings an impressive skill set to the table as an organizer/manager and leader. But, what impresses me most is his attitude. Tony brings a “get things done” mentality to every project that, without fail, ends in results. His ability to clearly see what needs to be done to complete a task, then take immediate action to clear away obstacles to success, sets him apart. What is more, his dynamic personality brings those around him along for the ride; making his associates, colleagues, and reports far more productive.

- Roger Pike, Vice President: Director of Enterprise Services at CommunicationSteroids LLP

Tony Marino combines his marketing knowledge with web design skills to create a site that exactly represents his client’s business. Through careful analysis of his client’s skills, goals, and objectives, he crafts a website that will get noticed by the search engines and draw traffic. He’s easy to work with, and puts customer satisfaction A-number-one. I highly recommend his services for anyone considering a new or redesigned website. The finished results bring one word to mind that says it all. Wow!

- Donna Winters, CEO, Bigwater Publishing, Inc.,

Tony and I taught a weekly online class on podcasting, audio production, audio streaming, video production, video streaming, video SEO, online marketing and many other aspects of digital multi-media. We’ve assisted each other on various projects relating to online multi-media, including podcasting, video production, screen capture video and more. Tony is one of the most passionate and creative guys I’ve ever worked with – and that’s saying a lot because I’ve worked with a helluva lot of people in my day.

- Tim Patterson, Co-Owner at Communication One Exhibits

I will put this in simple terms: When you are thinking of podcasting and monetization at the same time, you need to picture Tony Marino in your mind first and foremost. And once you’ve heard that big, booming, friendly voice of his, you’ll never forget Tony delivers because of talent, experience, and industry expertise.

- Art Blanchet, U.S. Representative - Account Development, OceanLED

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